Media Match

Media Match terms of service

Media Match is an entertainment application. Rating is not controlled or weighted in the slightest. The statistics of Media Match are not scientific and should not be used or quoted in that regard.

The creator of the application, Daniel Dunderfelt, is not responsible of what content appears in the application, how users of the application rate the content or how the statistics are used, quoted or interpreted.

As a user of Media Match, you agree to the following terms:

  • Do not brigade. Brigading is the act of a larger group trying to influence the rating in a coordinated fashion.
  • "Sock puppet" accounts are not allowed. They are accounts created solely to spam or to influence the rating disproportionally. You are allowed to use as many accounts as there are login providers. Please note that accounts from different providers may be combined if possible.
  • Do not post overtly sexual or violent content on the Media Match subreddit. Additional rules apply, see the subreddit page.
  • Media Match uses ads and analytics. The ads and analytics services may use your advertising identifier and other identifiers to target ads and provide rich analytics. See the privacy policy for further information.
  • Your account may be banned for breaching these rules, or for any reason at the discretion of the creator of the application.

These terms are subject to change and may be updated from time to time.