Media Match

FAQ and support

How do I use the app?

Open the app. On the intro screen, start by swiping the screen either left or right.

You will be presented with an article. Rate the article REAL (the article is well-sourced and does not appear to be an opinion piece) by swiping right, or FAKE (the article is poorly sourced or overtly biased) by swiping left.

You will be prompted to log in with either Facebook or Google. Log in with either Facebook or Google.

You will be presented with the result screen. It will recap what you rated the article and tell you how many percent of other users who've rated the same article agree with you. If you are the first to rate the article in question you will only see the rating you gave. Swipe the screen either left or right to continue.

Continue rating articles until you are bored.

Can I read more of the articles than the headline?

Yup, just hit that "Read article" button!

Why do I need to log in?

While there is no concrete benefit for users to login as of now, future features include a listing of articles you have rated and what you rated them. The app is saving your answer attached to your user ID in preparation for this feature. Logging in also reduces abuse.

Why is the headline different between the app and the article itself?

Since the articles are sourced from Reddit due to Reddit's readily available API and inherent news aggregation features, the headline is what the Reddit user posted the article as. This is not really an issue as a Reddit title may tell you more about the article than the real headline itself.

You know I can just log in with multiple accounts and sway the vote on all articles whichever way I want, right?

Yeah, I'm aware. I also do not care.

This app is mostly for entertainment purposes. I am not trying to divine any statistical or scientific knowledge from the way people rate the articles.

You f****** biased shill, why are you only showing articles of/from/by X and not Y!??!!?

1, Calm down. 2, I'd love to include articles of/from/by Y, but the selection of subreddits that only link to articles are far and few between. If you know of a subreddit that features articles that are not represented, send me an email at or send a Pull Request to the github repository!

If you still require help with Media Match, send me an email at!